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Our design inspiration today comes from the renovation and interior design of an apartment located in the affluent neighborhood of Jardins in Sao Paulo, Brazil which was completed by Diego Revollo for a fashion stylist.  Jardins is one of the most charming and sophisticated neighborhoods in the city and considered to be one of the most noble in the region.  The residential building in which the apartment is located is a slightly older one, but built well with spacious rooms, high ceilings, and great layouts.  The owner of this property is a single guy who is a jet setting fashion stylist and television host.  He is originally from Brazil, though his career has since had him living around the world in the fashion capital cities of New York, Milan, and London.  Now though, it was time for a place back home again.

To create the sort of personal and stylish residence he had in mind, the owner called on his personal friend of many years, the super talented Sao Paulo based Diego Revollo, who is one of the hottest and most prominent young residential architecture and interior design stars on the scene in Brazil.  Diego is well known for his effortless combining of classic design with contemporary design for interiors that are both timeless and livable.  His mission for this project was to preserve the better traditional qualities of the existing apartment, while also creating a fresh contemporary design that is cosmopolitan, chic, and sexy.  A style that would be as witty and glamorous as it was comfortable.  Clearly he achieved his mission quite well.

For years, the owner has worked with fashion editors and with the most famous models in the world whom he also frequently hosts and entertains at the apartment when in town. With this in mind, it was decided to fill the main walls with some of his own editorial work.  In addition, Diego did an excellent job of bringing together an eclectic mix of new Italian furnishings, along with other pieces selected for their character and the value they added to the mix.  The genius lies in the mix.  He added various works of contemporary art and photography, along with other objects from different styles that together complement each other.  The results being extremely modern and impactful within the traditional structure of the apartment.  The very unique style of the completed apartment now clearly reflects the clients personality and way of life.



In the main living area, the artwork with the bee is a canvas painting by Fernando Ribeiro, chosen for it’s color and sense of humor.  Generously scaled, inviting sofas make the space very comfortable and create a wonderful place for casual lounging with guest.  The irony and contrast are purposeful.  Art books and personal effects make the space more intimate.




The home’s basic structure was kept clean and simple to allow the art and furnishings to shine.  The large photograph is of fashion model Eva Herzigova.  An ultra-modern, structural black table is paired with Lucite armchairs, while a vintage crystal chandelier shimmers above.  Around the room, various works of art are paired with select vintage pieces to great effect.  The painting above the sideboard is a woodcut by artist Eliza Bracher.



Back in the living room, a large fashion editorial photo with model Eva Herzigova by Matheus Mazzafera hangs alongside a canvas painting by Christina Canale.




Throughout the apartment, along the entire outer facing wall, the designer has installed mounds of luxurious floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall velvet draperies which look great closed or pulled to the side.  The draperies serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.  The effect is posh and glamorous.  The rugs used throughout are wool and silk and sourced from Napal.  When combined with the luxe fabrics used on most of the furnishings, the apartment is taken to a higher level of comfort and sophistication.  The soft texture is necessary to balance and elevate the angles and simplicity of the structure.  Its a constant play on contrast, irony, and balance which keeps you engaged and interested.





In the office, a large photo of model Raquel Zimermann by Matheus Mazzafera takes center stage behind the sleek black and glass Italian furnishings.  A large wall mirror and reflective surfaces are contrasted against the matte black walls, while smart geometric square shelves cover the entire wall opposite the softly draped window wall for another play on contrast for balance.



A marquetry chest from India completes the office.  The Murano glass lamp, wall art and various other pieces create a perfectly curated vignette.



The bedroom is for fun! The art above the bed is by Fernando Ribeiro and consist of hundreds of teddy bears of different colors, but same size, combined to depict the Mona Lisa.  The custom upholstered headboard and black glossy side tables double as art alongside all of the other pieces that complete the room.



On top, there is a photo collage by artist Lucio Carvalho created with objects and fragments of dolls.  The photo is of model Izabel Goulart.  The effect is young, spirited, and daring.  Another detail worth noting is the rather rough and unfinished edges that have been allowed to remain.  Is it an artistic metaphor?  Like fashion, and life… an unfinished work in progress?


The Entry perfectly prepares for what is to come in the rest of the apartment.  The large photo of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen by the Brazilian photographer Gui Paganoni is placed next to the simple black elevator door.  The emotional drama is immediate.  This is Brazil!  This is fashion meets passion!  This is Diego Revollo completely capturing the lifestyle and personality of the client.

That concludes today’s design inspiration.  I hope you guys have enjoyed and have been inspired.  Have a great day!!

**All photos shown are courtesy of, and with special thanks to Diego Revollo Arquitetura @  …..and special thanks to Luciana Belangier!!

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