Indulgent Guest Bedrooms: Design Inspiration

When you are hosting guests overnight in your home, naturally you want them to be as comfortable as possible.  In the past, people often would allow the guests to sleep in their quarters while they relocated themselves to less pleasant places.  I don’t know if anyone does that anymore, but it is a good idea to put just as much emphasis on comfort in the guest bedrooms as with all other rooms.  If your guests aren’t worth the effort, why have them staying in your home at all?

From this perspective, we have to do away with terms such as “spare room” that you furnish with “spare furnishings” and also use to store half of your other spare random things.

guest bedrooms Boscolo A

Guest bedrooms: interior design by

guest bedrooms Boscolo A

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You want to take the opportunity to extend your generosity and provide your guests with an enjoyable experience.  You also want to use your guest bedrooms to allow your gracious hosting skills to shine It is another place where you can display your personal style and taste.  What better way to do so than by making sure every detail is designed for your guest’s ultimate comfort?

Unforgettable Guest Bedrooms

For our design inspiration today, I’ve pulled together some ideas to help you make your guest’s stay in your guest bedrooms an indulgent experience that they will not soon forget.  They will be singing your praises and telling everyone about how gracious and thoughtful you are.  It will be a real honor to be a guest in your home.

guest bedrooms Elicyon b

Guest bedrooms: This photo and opening- Interior Design by

The best place to look for ideas on creating an unforgettable, pleasing experience is your favorite hotel rooms.  Remember the things that made those places memorable for you and incorporate those details and a little more.  It very likely wasn’t the rooms cluster of table-top collectibles that you most enjoyed.  It wouldn’t be for your guests either, so unless you have more than sufficient space, which is what your friends would most appreciate, let’s go ahead and edit those right off the top.

gguest bedrooms by laura hammett

Guest Bedrooms:  Interior Design by

You want your traveling friends to be able to relax and feel free to move around without fear of disrupting your museum-like, collected guest bedrooms.  You want the things you do include to be useful so that unused open space remains for their stuff.

Ideally, you will select a comfortable room with an en-suite bath and a closet which you will dedicate solely for your guest’s use.  You don’t want to have the closets and drawers all filled with your things, for you don’t want your guests to feel like they are intruding and inconveniencing you.  Have everything prepared and effortless.

guest bedrooms bedding by Ralph Lauren Home A

Bedding by

guest bedrooms bedding by Ralph Lauren Home B

Bedding by

After available space, the most important consideration, of course, is the bed or beds as some prefer.  I know many people use twin beds for guest bedrooms, but otherwise, you should probably go with at least a queen size.  Here is where we can take inspiration from hotels.  All of this will probably depend on the level of help you have, but ideally, you will have your linens ironed and starched for hotel-like crispness.  Some say you should use three sheets, but it’s not necessary.  A high thread count fitted and flat sheet works fine and then a light-weight blanket.

Finally, you will include a heavier plush comforter or a fluffy duvet which can be folded down and placed out of the way should your guest choose to do so.  You just want to be sure everyone’s needs are covered whatever their preferences.  Also, be sure to include a super luxe throw for them to use when not using the covers at all.

guest bedrooms bedding by Ralph Lauren Home C

Bedding by

You want to be sure to include at least four pillows; two soft and two medium-firm, with two of them being feather-down, and two being down alternative. You can pile on as many decorative pillows as you like, so long as there is a place to put them when not in use. If you prefer not to have many on the bed, then store a few extra in the closet along with an extra blanket, just in case. To be extra helpful, add a pillow top mattress pad under all of this for an entirely indulgent experience.  Style to your liking, just remember that keeping it simple is better, and with color, less is said to be more, and all white is supposed to be the ultimate!

guest bedrooms bathroom by Oro Bianco A

 Interior Design by

guest bedrooms bath by Oro Bianco B

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I believe that after the bed, the bathroom is most important.  Try to make it is as straightforward and accommodating as possible.  You want to finish it out as nicely as you can.  One can never go wrong with sleek surfaces and ample mirrors.  The highest goal is to anticipate your guests every need and provide it before they ever know they need it.  Stock the bathroom with the essentials they may need such as toiletries.  It’s always good to go the extra mile where you can, so nicer is better.  Maybe use whatever brands your favorite hotel stocks here too.  Be sure to include a hair dryer.  An important detail that will make you super, try to add as many electrical outlets as you can for it is a rare treat actually to have enough.

gguest bedrooms bath by Oro Bianco B

Guest bedrooms: bath towels

guest bedrooms bathrobe by Frette

Guest bedrooms:  bathrobe by

Of course, you want to include plenty of plush white towels; bath sheets and towels, hand towels and washcloths, as well as bath mats.  Also indulge your guests with some deluxe bathrobes, each with a set of slippers.  It’s easier just to go with large.  Your guest will feel totally cared for.  Try to include a full-size mirror too.  

guest bedrooms by Intarya A

guest bedrooms by Intarya detail

 Guest bedrooms: Interior Design by

Yes, it is still your house, so you can still decorate your guest bedrooms to reflect you.  If they are staying in your home, they likely already know your personality, so you’re probably not going to shock them.  Just be sure that when doing so, you include all of the things that your guests will appreciate too.

It’s a very good idea to include a desk/vanity with a chair.  Be sure to stock some pens and paper.  You can go as big as you like here.  Include a complete desk set with custom paper, envelopes, and all the rest with your monogram or crest, or just a pad of paper and pen.  Be sure also to include reading materials.  You want to have a good alarm clock and an electronics charging station near the bed.

Of course, you will want to include some bottles of water and a couple of tumblers.  I’ve also read that some people even include an in-room coffee/tea bar.  I would include this if the guest quarters are in a separate house, but in that case, I would include more than that.

guest bedrooms by Michael Dawkins

Guest Bedrooms: Interior Design by

I must mention a few final items for you to consider adding to make your guest bedrooms personal and indulgent.  You absolutely have to include fresh flowers.  You just must!  Another treat to include would be a box of designer chocolates.  Maybe you could do a little homework before your guests arrive to find out any preferences or favorites they have and maybe add a bit of whichever you like.  Anything to let your guest know you are thinking of them.  Make their stay in your home an indulgence that they will forever remember you for.

That concludes our design inspiration for today.  I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and you have been inspired to add just that little extra something to make your guest’s stay indulgent and unforgettable.

Thanks so much for reading along with me!  Let me hear from you in the comments.  Is there anything else we should add to this list?  What special things have you included?

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Have a great day my friend!!

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