Holiday Decorating Ideas: Wreaths & Swags

Hello, my friends! It’s that wonderful time of the year again. The holiday season is officially on us. Today we are sharing with you some festive holiday decorating ideas for Christmas wreaths and swags.

This post is for all of you who, like me, tend to put these decorating decisions off until the last moment. I know it has been super busy around here lately and I am still putting together my final theme. It was while looking for wreaths and swags that my holiday decorating ideas for my house began to come together.

We want to do extra festive, but still leaning on the traditional side. I discovered a new place to look as well, or new for me at least. We hope you like these holly jolly versions we have brought together to share with you all.  I have included something for many styles. Enjoy!

Holiday Wreaths

holiday decorating wreath 1

First, we have this 28” handmade, lighted wreath that I found on my new source Etsy, which I had heard about but never bothered to visit until recently. There are a ton to select from on there, but my favorite ones all came from just a few dealers, and I’ll include a link to them so you can check them out if you like. This wreath is composed of a faux evergreen base and richly layered with velvet leaves, mixed sugared fruits, silk flowers, berries, and pinecones. The ribbon bow is from MacKenzie-Childs, and it is complete with a silk tassel at the base. It is by DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating swag 20

Look at this! Isn’t it major? This unique design is 20” wide and 66” long. It is a large Woodland themed lighted swag composed on an evergreen base and built out with forest greenery, icy branches, pinecones, berries, wooden snowflakes, bells, feathers, and a large holiday decorating bow around beaded deer. This is definitely a statement-making piece by DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating swag 2

This next one is sparkly 24” wide and 44” long copper and gold swag. It is constructed on a faux evergreen base and includes glittered feathers and leaves; gold tipped pinecones, sugared fruit, shimmery birds, and a florist bow created from various ribbons from sheer to sequined. This swag is also by DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating wreath 3

This design is called the “fashionista wreath.” I like its mood and colors. It is a 24” wide, handmade, lighted wreath in black and gold. Built on a faux evergreen base with little nods to fashion about it; jeweled shoes, jeweled purses, dress forms, gift ornaments. It also has a velvet cheetah print and black mesh ribbon bow and coordinating flowers and decorations. A black and gold tassel suspends down from the base to complete the look by DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating wreath 4

Here we have a 28” wide, lighted wreath with a musical theme for your holiday decorating ideas. Constructed on a faux evergreen base with jeweled branches, platinum mercury glass finials, and gold glittered French horns and musical notes. It also includes platinum pinecones, beaded poinsettias, glittered ribbons, and complete with a red and gold tassel suspended from the base. Designed by DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating wreath 6

This 25” hand-made lighted wreath shimmers in silver and golds. An evergreen base is layered with silver mesh, glittering picks and leaves, glittered and candied fruits: apples, pears and grapes, and silver and gold beads. The florist bow is made with three ribbons, centered with a gold poinsettia and apple. A strand of silver jingle bells suspends from the base. Designed by DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating wreath 21

This design is a candy, cupcake and gingerbread themed hand-made lighted Christmas wreath. This wreath is large. The widest point is 38″ and the highest point is 50″ which includes the stocking. It is created on an evergreen base and uses multi-colored lights instead of just clear. Red and green mesh are utilized in the design which is loaded with snowy branches, candied ornaments, and gingerbread figures. A decorative bow in a print ribbon ties all the colors together. At the base of the wreath hangs a stocking with a Gingerbread Girl appliqued on the front. By DesignsbyHEartWorks.

holiday decorating swag 23

For our final piece from this designer, we have this extra large, 28” wide and 56” long Woodland themed swag. The hand-made item is built on a mixed evergreen swag base. At the top of the swag, there is a green feathered bird and nest. Below the bird and nest is a Luxury Fabric bow in a green and red checked print ribbon from the MacKenzie-Childs Heirloom collection. Around the swag, you find pinecones, high-end silk flowers, gold grapes, sugared fruit and berries, icy branches, vines and assorted foliage. The colors are deep and rich: burgundy, gold, reds, purple, and greens.

This and all the previous photos are from one Etsy store that I found to be among the better few, particularly if you’re looking for holiday decorating ideas. If you would like to see more of these products and to see the entire extensive collection available, you can check it out here: DesignsbyHEartWorks

holiday decorating wreath 16

This next wreath is a 32” wide hand-made beauty that has integrated some tech in the design. It is constructed on a faux pine base and includes life-like fruits and leaves, as well as candied fruits and other shatterproof bulbs and ornaments. Also, there are natural pinecones and layers of Mackenzie-Childs ribbon. In addition, the wreath includes clear LED lighting powered by a weatherproof battery pack for cordless display. The lights include an automatic timer. I also found this one and the next few on Etsy and will share a link on the final one. By TylerInteriors.

holiday decorating wreath 17

This one is similar to the one before though 30” wide and a different color-way. Again, the pine base is built up with thick greenery with both life-like and candied fruit: pear, apples, and grapes. Also, painted and glittered pinecones and berries and other shatterproof ornaments paired with various styles of ribbon. This wreath includes clear LED lighting with a weather-proof battery pack with an automatic timer and an option for steady on or twinkle. By TylerInteriors.

holiday decorating wreath 18

This 36” wide hand-made wreath is bold in Ruby red and golds. The design includes painted natural pine cones, colored berries, golden cedar, Magnolia leaf, faux Peony, designer shatterproof bulbs, and jingle bells structured on a pine base. Also, the wreath includes energy efficient LED clear lights, with a simple automatic timer that you program for Steady or flash, fast or slow. It also includes a dusk to dawn photo sensor option. By TylerInteriors.

This one and the two before are from an Etsy store that is another good place to look for holiday decorating ideas. To see these items and the rest of their collection you can check is out here:  TylerInteriors

holiday decorating wreath 24

We are moving on into more established retail sources. This beauty is the MacKenzie-Childs yuletide manor wreath, available from Neiman Marcus. The 28” LED lighted wreath with fruits and holiday ribbon combines with their signature design ribbon for a festive design. Established in 1983; MacKenzie-Childs combines vibrant colors and patterns to create a whimsical collection of tableware, furniture, and decorative accessories that epitomize “tradition with a twist.”

holiday decorating wreath 26

Also from Neiman Marcus, we have this lovely Frosted Gold 30” Christmas Wreath.
For more info on either of these items or to see the rest of Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Selection for more holiday decorating ideas, check it out here:  Neiman Marcus

holiday decorating wreath 28

For a less adorned look, the 36” Lighted Juniper Mix Pine Wreath by National Tree Co. available from Wayfair. This is a mixed tip wreath trimmed with branch sprigs, holly leaves and pine cones with LED lights. You can either leave it as it is or decorate it with your trimmings.

holiday decorating wreath 30

For a completely pared down and still seriously chic look, there is the 22” Pinecone Swirl Wreath by The Holiday Aisle also available from Wayfair. They come in a set of four. Highlighting these wreaths are some of the most beautiful and unusual pieces of art in nature. They are brilliant really. Made from pinecones with a silver wash. I would place a velvet bow on each and let them shine in their sublime simplicity.

For more info on these two items and to see all of Wayfair’s Christmas selection for more holiday decorating ideas, check it out here: Wayfair

Holiday Decorating Conclusion

That completes our design inspiration for today, my friends. Fifteen different looks for your holiday decorating ideas.

Thank you so much for reading along with us. Let me know what you all think in the comments! Join the dialogue!

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Have a great day!

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