Green Interior Design Inspiration

Could a bit of green be the exact thing our home’s interiors need to make us feel refreshed and lively again? Green is the most abundant color found in nature, and its use in our interiors can give us a sense of reconnecting with what is real. The color represents life and new beginnings. Its presence gives peace and balance. In the same way that it acts as nature’s neutral, the color brings harmony to its surroundings. Today we are looking at interiors completed by top interior designers that masterfully use the color in its many hues for our Green Interior Design Inspiration.

green interior design inspiration Anouska Hempel Wiltshire Manor B

green interior design inspiration anouska hempel wiltshire manor C

The opening photos are from interior designer Anouska Hempel’s historic English countryside manor, Cole Park. Hempel is one of the world’s more celebrated signature designers. Her international design practice completes projects across continents in styles that range from minimalist and ultra-modern to her take on the grand designs of ancient regimes. A signature fusion of west meets east pervades all her designs, both classic and contemporary. The earliest parts of the designer’s manor date from the 1550s. A series of additions and alterations over the centuries created the eclectic labyrinthine residence she shares with her husband today.

green interior design inspiration anouska hempel wiltshire manor D

The interiors feature an ever-changing mélange of traditional English and exotic Orientalism comprised in her delightfully dramatic fashion. These photos show her verdant dining room. Here, green extends to nearly everything from the walls, draperies, and table coverings to the accessories and plants that cover the table and sideboards. The theme continues outdoors to a leafy dining terrace surrounded by topiary and stone obelisks overlooking the formal gardens. I thought this room would be a perfect start for our green interior design inspiration. The light and the dark, layer upon layer creating a magnificent green concoction to enrich the senses.

green interior design inspiration Carolyne Roehm Chisholm House A

green interior design inspiration Carolyne Roehm Chisholm House B

Here we see the author, socialite, and tastemaker Carolyne Roehm’s green and gold Chinoiserie inspired room she created in her restored 1836 southern Neoclassical house in Charleston. For years Carolyne dreamed of creating such a room for she loved the period and styling. She had already collected the first pieces of furniture for the room, and she commissioned the creation of others such as the 8’6” “Hector Pagoda” mirrors on either side of the fireplace. At last, her fantasy is complete.

green interior design inspiration timothy corrigan A

green interior design inspiration timothy corrigan b

This dining room is from interior designer Timothy Corrigan’s stately 1922 Georgian Colonial style estate in Hancock Park. Layered antiques blend alongside contemporary finds in the designer’s California casual style. Corrigan says that he always feels calmer after spending time in the green room.

green interior design inspiration Joan Behnke

This elegant formal living room comes from a French-inspired Beverly Park mansion in Los Angeles with interior design by Joan Behnke. The home captures the essence of the beautiful country estates owned by the ancient nobility in France. A custom antiqued furniture glaze finishes the green paneled walls to give them an aged effect. A collection of antique furnishings and decorative objects spanning centuries gather with custom contemporary pieces.  The room appears collected over time.

green interior design inspiration Scott Snyder A

green interior design inspiration Scott Snyder B

This classically inspired dining room features a monochromatic layering of shades for our green interior design inspiration. The room is from a Palm Beach estate completed by interior designer Scott Snyder.

green interior design inspiration CR Lane

This photo is from the collection created by CR Laine Furniture’s collaboration with designer Tobi Fairley. A saturated green velvet on the upholstered screens, the benches, the pillow trim, and the piping on the chairs ties the pieces together for a tailored, luxurious finish.

green interior design inspiration Amy Morris

Here we have a dining room created for the Cathedral Antique Showhouse in Atlanta, Georgia by Amy D. Morris Interiors. A custom created green paint covers the walls. The zebra rug, stone table, and Asian-style screen are from the designer’s collection. Antique Venetian walnut dining chairs surround the table while a Gothic-style gilded lantern suspends above it.

green interior design inspiration Peter Mikic

This entry foyer is from the restored mid 19th-century Notting Hill townhouse of London interior designer Peter Mikic. A green leafy wall covering by de Gournay features on the walls.

green interior design inspiration Tory Burch living room

Here we have fashion designer Tory Burch’s fabulous green living room from her New York apartment. Moss green silk velvet covers the walls. The sofa is a design homage to Givenchy by Daniel Romualdez. A 17th-century Dutch farmyard painting by Jacobus Victors hangs above.

green interior design inspiration Tory Burch boutique

This next scene comes from the green room of Tory Burch’s Madison Avenue store, designed to reflect her New York apartment.

green interior design inspiration Nancy Braithwaite

Shades of green inspired by the antique Zuber wall covering layer the scene in this traditional dining room designed by Atlanta interior designer Nancy Braithwaite.

green interior design inspiration Charles Spada

Next, for our green interior design inspiration, we have the green library from the Behrendt residence by Boston interior designer Charles Spada.

green interior design inspiration Fairmont Hotel

These green chairs make up the dining area in the 6,000-square foot penthouse suite of the historic Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Francisco.

green interior design inspiration Rachel Bates

Our final room for our green interior design inspiration is one of my favorites.  Here, we have the delightful and vibrant drawing room of UK interior designer Rachel Bates. The designer is known for her very strong sense of color which is demonstrated well in this phot0.

In literature, green notes a need for a new state of being or change and growth. In medicine, the color indicates safety. Green is the most restful and relaxing to the eye due to its wavelength.  It is relaxing both mentally and physically. The color helps alleviate anxiety and depression.

In addition, the zesty yellow-green shade “Greenery” was named the color of the year for 2017 by the trend forecasting experts at Pantone Color Institute.  Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone says ” Greenery burst forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment.  Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose.”

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Green Interior Design Conclusion

In conclusion, it is a very good time to add the color green.  Add the color in any interior space where you desire a restorative and refreshing atmosphere. I hope you all have enjoyed our green interior design inspiration for today, my friends.

Photos used today, unless otherwise noted, are from my boards on Pinterest.

Let me hear from you in the comments! Do you think you may try adding the color to your interiors? Share your story!

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    The color green creates marvelous designs. In those houses, the people should feel internal peace as they enjoy the natural surroundings. These are wonderful creations!

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      Hi Shailja! So good to hear from you! Thank you very much. I totally agree.

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