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Can smart design be used to make the most of limited space?  Awareness of the role that thoughtful design plays, can help you maximizing your space.  For our design inspiration today, we are taking a look at two completed residences that have been redesigned to make the most of their available square footage.  Both homes are located in London and were completed by the interior design studio Keir Townsend, who’s creative handling of small interiors, among their many other talents, has garnered them international recognition.

London is city with a growing economy and booming population, but a shortage in housing.  High demand has pushed prices through the roof and residents there are having to be more creative with the space they have.  This fact made it the perfect place to look for inspiring interior design ideas on making the most of available space.

Having limited space does not mean that you have to have limited style as these homes will show.  The designers at Keir Townsend do not believe that compromising space means that you must compromise on luxury as well.  In fact, both of the residences here feature bespoke design with quality finishes and fixtures and even a bit of luxury design.


Our first residence is a 2 bedroom apartment located within a contemporary residential high rise.  The opening photo and the one above show the home’s living area.  The owner, a single guy who uses the apartment as a pied-a-terre, asked the designers to create for him a great contemporary design entertaining space.  Instead of traditional sofas and chairs, the designers have used a set of chaise paired with a custom copper-clad coffee table to form a perfectly chic conversation area.  The large Amethyst cluster serves as the focal point of the space and establishes the color palette in the room.


The bookcases and shelving units are of bespoke design, created with dark oak, trimmed with the same copper used on the coffee table.  Keir Townsend also has a retail showroom providing a selection of exclusive furniture, lighting, and accessories sourced from all over the world with most of the pieces being of bespoke design by the designers themselves.  The lighting used throughout are examples of the sort you can find there.



The partition separating the kitchen and living area was removed to create an open flow and to allow the integration of the kitchen into the entertaining space.  The same granite used on the counter-tops and back splashes, was also used to create the bespoke dining table, further linking the zones.  The two columns have been faced with antiqued bronze mirrors and the lighting incorporates bronzed diffuser glass.  Dimmers allow the lighting to be lowered creating quite a mood in the new space.  Two wine refrigerators have been included on the outer side of the kitchen.  The dining chairs are dark metal and woven leather by Henge.


In the master bedroom, the designers confidently embraced darker shades in this small area by keeping them all within a narrow range so it works.  Woven grass wall-coverings  by Philip Jeffries are used on the walls.  Oak was used for the headboard frame, side tables, and wardrobe which also include leather detailing.  The headboard is upholstered with velvet, while the bed is dressed in luxury design Italian bed linens from their showroom.




The en suite bathroom features a bespoke design sink which has been created using recycled glass which is lit from within with LED lighting, placed upon a lacquered vanity.  The chrome and black onyx faucets are also of bespoke design, as is the carved wooden panels on the wall.  The shower wall is faced with mosaic tile to complete this bathroom’s sophisticated design.


The guest bedroom is layered in textures and complete with bespoke design furnishings.  The feature wall behind the bed is finished with a straw wall covering.  The bed consists of a velvet headboard, cashmere bedding, and silk pillows.  The walnut and leather dressing table includes a pop up mirror and a matching leather pouf.  The modern design leather swing chair with bronze base is from the designer’s showroom.



For the guest bathroom the designers used a more neutral color tone.  The sink is upon a bespoke lacquered vanity with chrome detailing and the exquisite crystal faucets are carved in the shape of seahorses.  The wall lights have leather and chrome detailing.



Here we have a one bedroom apartment with only 430 square feet, with every inch cleverly utilized.  This residence also functions as a pied-a-terre for its owner.  Again, the designers removed all of the partitions to create an open flow living, dining, and kitchen.  It’s almost hard to imagine there being room for them to start with.  A room this small requires a lighter, neutral color which the designers have used throughout.  The walls have been finished with polished plaster, which is great for the subtle variations of color, and it adds depth.   The plaster also reflects light, which is essential for increasing the appearance of size within a space.  The furnishings are all of bespoke design, custom created specifically for the place they occupy.  To achieve the best results within a limited area it is very important to use correctly scaled furniture.  Keir Townsend doesn’t believe that a smaller room requires fewer pieces.  They believe that the more “zones” and features you create within the room, the greater its appearance and function will be.  What is most important is the right size furniture, the right fabrics, and the right lighting.



All within the kitchen area is of bespoke design as well.  Mirrors are always an excellent way to increase the appearance of a rooms size.  Antiqued bronze mirror with a polished edge has been used for the back splash here in the kitchen.  The same quartz used for the counter-tops was also used for the dining table.  The dining chairs have been upholstered with suede.  The crystal chandelier above the table adds a bit of drama and glamour.



For the bedroom, the designers have created plenty of storage with walls of integrated sleek cabinetry and wardrobes.  Avoiding clutter is an absolute must in any small space.  Everything should have a place, and everything should be in it’s place.  That’s a rule of thumb for any well-kept home regardless of size though.  The entire room is completely bespoke with every inch planned and executed for maximum efficiency.  The lines are clean and the colors are neutral, but luxury design has not been forgotten.  The wall behind the bed is upholstered with padded suede, while the walls otherwise are covered in a Japanese linen by Phillip Jeffries, and the draperies in a de Gournay fabric.  The floors are covered with an exceptional shagreen leather that bring the luxury level even higher.



I love this small bathroom which is full of little luxury design touches.  The original bathtub was replaced with this walk-in rainfall shower.   A variety of tiles were used to a brilliant effect in here; Emperador ceramic, mosaic, and even glass tiles backed with silver and antique gold leaf.  The bespoke design sink was created using recycled bottled glass, lit from within with LED lighting and placed upon a bespoke cabinet with chrome and leather detailing.  Ornate crystal faucets perfectly complete the look.

Who says that small spaces have to be short on style or lacking in luxury?  These two homes are perfect examples of what can be done in small spaces with a bit of creativity and ideally, an excellent team of skilled artisans who can complete your bespoke design specifications.  Every detail is not my personal style, while others are absolutely brilliant and I love.  Every detail, in terms of how it makes use of the limited space though is wonderful for our design inspiration today.

That concludes our post for today my friends.  I hope you all have enjoyed and perhaps have found some creative inspiring interior design ideas for your spaces.  Let me hear from you all in the comments!  What do think of today’s post?

Interior Design:  Keir Townsend Interiors

Photography:  Jake Fitzjones Photography

Sources:   &

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