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Today’s design inspiration comes from a Paris apartment whose rich detailed interiors are a contemporary interpretation of traditional French style.  Located on the Avenue Montaigne, the heart of high fashion and luxury in the city, the residence has been completely redesigned to exacting standards using only the finest materials and finishes.

The 3,500 square-foot apartment has been designed to serve as a second home for an international family who wanted a completely unique and bespoke design.  Their request was for glamorous interiors that lived up to their location, drawing inspiration from French traditional design, but updated for a modern lifestyle with the best tech innovations.  The residence was to be completely custom, with no regards for the potential cost or time required to complete.  This project is every designers dream really, but this dream was realized by the London based, international interior design firm Louis Henri, who specializes in completely bespoke design.

The designer stripped the original structure down to its bones and then rebuilt everything with a close eye on every detail.  Everything from the furniture, to the lighting, the carpets, all the way to the door handles, have been custom designed to suit the space, in French style, and with a contemporary design edge.  The project would take four years to complete and would require input from all over the world, and make use of the very best of the local craftspeople.  The results though are a masterful rendition of Parisian elegance.


The opening photo and this one above show the homes entrance hall with its abundance of custom interior architecture detailing.  Hand polished marble floors with inlaid designs are used here and extensively throughout.  This space includes one of the homes more dramatic features, the peacock feather design stained glass panel that serves as both a focal point and as a space divider.  The designer spent over a year selecting the glass to be used.




The bespoke design continues in the drawing room.  The key pieces used here and throughout the home were crafted by the designers brother, a master cabinetmaker in South Africa, including the walnut bookcases on either side of the fireplace, which are enhanced with eglomise panels and finished with solid walnut detailing.  The pattern of the custom silk rug has been repeated on other details such as on the wide trim along the fur throw on the sofa.  Louis lavished on much detail with the upholstery, soft goods, and draperies using at times, couture worthy, luxury design detailing.  The chairs sometimes have as many as five and six different fabrics on them.  The “caped sofas” and the “Linden desk” are both variations from the designers collection which are made to order and can be viewed on his website, as can the gold leaf shellacked “pelican lamps” at all four corners of the sofas, and the “cocktaible” side tables. The double pocket doors which can be used to close the space off have been custom finished with designer details.  Those Louis XVI style silk upholstered chairs by the fireplace are my favorite pieces in this room.



The designer continued the color palette of blues and creams with silvers and golds here in the wood paneled formal dining room.  The custom table with mirrored side panels is grouped with custom chairs featuring contrasting fabric on the fronts and backs.  Suspended above is a custom lighting fixture which also has mirrored side panels, while a custom silk rug defines the space below.



Located on the other side of the peacock glass feature in the entry hall is a smaller, more intimate dining space.  The walls are covered in a hand-painted silk wall covering.  The space is centered with a custom round rug and a Deco design round table.  The design throughout the apartment is strongly influenced by the Art Deco period.  The “breakfast chairs” around the table are from the designers collection and composed of varying fabrics.



Here we have the home’s media room.  Note the balance and symmetry that is maintained throughout all of the rooms.  The entertainment equipment is concealed behind the leather bound, faux books on the shelves, while the sound equipment is concealed behind the walls silk upholstery.  The tailored draperies framing those fabulous French doors, which look out onto an inner courtyard, are composed of several designer fabrics and trims.  The outer trim along the main panels was enlarged and used in the design of the custom silk rug’s outer trim.  Many of the paintings throughout the home were completed by Louis Henri as well.  You can see other works by the designer on his website.  He is really good!





The completed residence is composed of very nicely proportioned spaces including four public reception rooms and four en suite bedrooms.  The bedrooms all feature silk wall coverings and tailored draperies and bedding.  The custom silk carpets are continued in these private spaces as is the furniture, all of bespoke design.



The bathrooms display exceptionally exquisite, sophisticated design detailing.  The extensively used marble through the entire apartment is all hand-polished.  Some of the bathrooms took over two months to install due to the intricate detailing, book-matching, and inlaying.  The master bathroom (top photo) is a perfectly symmetrical space with 13 foot-high ceilings.  The edges around the vanity and tub are specially designed to prevent any water from getting on the leather-upholstered fronts beneath them.  The blind across the large central window was hand-embroidered with Louis Henri’s trademark tree design.




Every detail was carefully drawn up, planned, and executed by the finest of craftspeople.  All the way down to the door handles, which were created here in the US, in New York over an eight month period.  You can see the layers of detailing on the draperies with their double layers of double sided silk, some with wide bands of passementerie applied, while others have been hand-embroidered, appliqued, and beaded.  All very exquisite bespoke design coming together to complete this luxury home..all very much an expression of the artistic details that we know and love of French design.

That concludes our design inspiration for today my friends.  I hope you all have enjoyed and you have been inspired by the interior design of this fine Parisian residence and all of its bespoke design, luxury home detailing.  Be sure to check out Louis Henri’s website for additional information and to see further examples of his custom furnishings and his wonderful works of art.

Interior Design: Louis Henri Ltd @

Photography: Richard Waite

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